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Mini Dental Implants Dentists and Practices provide non surgical retention devices for stable comfortable local dentures prosthetics overdenture noninvasive implanted anchors for best no rock no clicking dental function cosmetic result fixing loose fitting dentures via MDI Imtec IntraLock Sterngold Implants
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Picture Mini Dental Implants MDI Imtec Miniaturized implants for denture stabilization is one of the fastest growing segments in the dental product industry.

Mini implants are frequently used for single tooth replacements and in crown and bridge cases. A popular and most effective use of this technology is stabilization of the lower denture.

These devices represent a very efficient solution for denture wearers who have experienced extreme discomfort due to loose and ill fitting dentures. Problems associated with trapped food particles, "denture breath" and common social issues are virtually eliminated.

Unlike traditional implant dentistry, mini's are installed without complicated surgery. Since healthy bone is selected, the need for bone grafts is eliminated in most cases. Complete treatment and fitting can be completed in just a couple of hours by a trained doctor.

More details about the surgery procedure are here.

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