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Periodontitis: Lower Jaw Rehab: Extractions - Perio Flap - Implants

Case History

The featured patient, a 50'ish female, has a 20 year history of significant periodontal disease. The treatment goal is to assure stable jawbone structure for upper and lower arches that can provide predictable function as the patient continues to age.

The first phase of treatment consists of eight (8) extractions, immediate placement of 4 Nobel Biocare implants (IPI - immediate provisional implants) to accommodate an immediate, temporary denture. The immediate function prosthesis enables our patient to have perfectly functional teeth while the grafts heal.

Bone graft - regeneration products (Puros Allograft) in all compromised areas of the jaw. Ossix resorbable membrane was used in two instances to assure proper healing and integration of graft sites.

The immediate denture was modified with titanium copings to interface perfectly with the provisional implants.

After 3 months of healing, the provisional implants and immediate denture will be replaced with an implant supported Procera fixed bridge. Afterwards, similar steps will be taken to provide successful treatment for the upper jaw.

Video material provided, in part, by Dr. Daniel Marinic, Chicago, IL.

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