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Mini Dental Implants Dentists and Practices provide non surgical retention devices for stable comfortable local dentures prosthetics overdenture noninvasive implanted anchors for best no rock no clicking dental function cosmetic result fixing loose fitting dentures via MDI Imtec IntraLock Sterngold Implants
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Mini Implant Device Videos - Treatment Demonstrations

  • Mini implants and Denture FIRST ... Regular implants and Bridgework LATER
    Mini Dental Implants Intralock A female patient had advanced gum disease which required much tissue removal that included ALL teeth. Bone health was nonetheless good but required augmentation (grafting). See how extractions and the use of strategically located mini implants enabled the patient to have denture teeth while her tissues healed and standard implants became fully osseointegrated. A Porcelain fixed bridge affixed to standard implants is the long term treatment goal.

  • Intra Lock Mini Implants
    Mini Dental Implants Intralock Demonstration video that provides an animated outline of the popular MDL mini implant device developed by Intra Lock. Step by step process showing the sequences of installing implants for a lower denture prosthesis. Video footage created by Intra Lock. Multimedia clip provided through Dr. Edward Leventhal of Baltimore Maryland

  • Customized Immediate Denture: Extractions and Teeth in one Appointment
    Immediate Denture Video Live surgery example of full arch extractions followed up with temporary provisional implants (not mini implants) that are designed to accommodate a modified immediate denture. The case represents the ideal treatment choice made by a female patient who did not want to be toothless while her jaw healed from oral surgery and bone grafting.

  • Live Surgery: 6 Imtec Mini Implant Placements in Upper (Maxillary) Jaw
    Imtec MDI Mini Implant Upper Jaw Surgery The presentation provides a sequenced demonstration of Mini Implant placements with the Imtec product line. A total of 6 implants are placed in the upper jaw, intended for upper denture anchoring. Edited for time and graphics, the entire treatment was provided in one, non-stop treatment session. Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

  • Snap In Dentures - Uppers and Lowers: They just "Pop!"
    Imtec Snap In Denture This "snappy" presentation shows a live interview with a patient who was fitted with Imtec MDI mini implants on the upper and lower jaw (maxilla and mandible) and demonstrates how he places and removes his new dentures. A man of few words, the patient briefly describes the "feeling" of using Snap In Dentures.Provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Imtec Mini Dental Implants
    Mini Dental Implants Imtec Demonstration video that provides a visual and narrated outline of the popular Imtec Mini Dental Implant products and procedures for placing their proprietary mini implants. Animations and live surgery examples included. Video footage created by Imtec Dental Implants. Multimedia clip provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

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