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One Day Teeth

Same Day Tooth Replacement Treatment Choices

More and more patients are seeking treatment choices and technologies that can create the outcome of having new teeth in one day (same treatment session).

In the past, the choice was usually limited to immediate function implants for which the Nobel Biocare product line became world renowned for.

More Technology Advances: More Choices

The rapid development of dental technologies and especially the marriage of cutting edge Cone Beam Catscans and CAD/CAM engineering enables some leading dental practices to create a wider range of treatment options for each and every patient considering single or multiple tooth replacements.

Single Tooth Structure: One Day Replacement

With the growing popularity of new implant hybrids that are designed to be loaded immediately (placement of temporary restoration occurs simultaneously with implant placement) developed by Nobel Biocare, Ocobiomedical, Biohorizons and others, patients now have more than just one choice of implant device.

Catscan 3 Dimensional imaging is used to assess the quality and characteristics of a given implant site. Based on the location of the site and expected dental function, different implant devices can be selected by the patient.

Complete Arch Extractions

In cases where patients are preparing for denture or fixed bridge treatments, the combination of Catscan analysis and a patient's choice of standard implant, provisional implants, mini implants and different types of custom bridgework or immediate denture prosthetics .... treatment sessions end with patients NOT being toothless.

Denture Retrofit and Replacement

For those patients who no longer want traditional dentures, modifications can be made for many types of existing dentures or new dentures that enables the use of specialized implant (anchor) devices. The type, size and location are all determined through the Catscan Analysis. Guesswork is totally eliminated.

Palateless Dentures

Just about everybody hates the acrylic part that covers the roof of the mouth. Although many people learn to adapt, many others have problems with gagging (gag response) and oftentimes have trouble tasting food. Conversion of existing dentures or fabrication of a new immediate denture, fitted with implant anchors allows the removal of the extra acrylic material. For many patients this can be completed in one treatment session.

Gum Disease Extractions

Chicago Periodontitis Disease
Click screen to see surgical treatment
Patients undergoing full arch extractions, as a part of an overall treatment plan to get rid of diseased teeth and tissues caused by Periodontitis may have different options available for same day replacements (provisional or permanent) depending on pre-existing conditions.

The video appearing at the left shows a live surgery that involved removing all lower teeth, applying bone and soft tissue grafting products, insertion of traditional and provisional implant devices and a fitting of a custom immediate denture... all in one appointment. Click here to watch this VERY GRAPHIC video.

Teeth In An Hour

Another Biocare specialty bridge that is especially useful for the upper arch. This technology in particular takes the best advantages of the most recent advancements in 3-D Imaging in dentistry that creates a rock solid implant based solution for upper arch teeth replacement. Read more about Teeth-In-An-Hour for more details.

Congenital Defects - Incisors in a Day?

Missing incisors, missing bicuspids and peg laterals are very common conditions that many people seek treatment for during adulthood. Catscan analysis enables the patient to see and learn first hand what the treatment possibilities are that can be completed in one session.

All On Four

Nobel Biocare provides a specialized fixed bridge hybrid that incorporates CAD/CAM milled titanium with a Procera Implant Bridge for denture wearers who seek something better that looks and feels like natural teeth.

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